Faunal List of Middle Mississippian Shark Teeth, Spines, Etc.


Mississippian rock layers in the central U.S. contain ancient shark remains (roughly 355 to 350 million years old). Sometimes they are found in bone beds, layers rich in phosphatic remains. Other occurrences are random. This list is based on paleontological work done in the past 150 years. I’ve tried to be accurate with the spelling of the species, but typos may occur with the unusual spelling of their names.

These fossils were described across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, and Missouri.

St. Louis Limestone (Youngest formation in this list)

Warsaw = Harrodsburg and Salem Limestones (including the Somerset Shale in Kentucky)

Keokuk = Muldraugh Formation in Kentucky, Ramp Creek in Indiana

Burlington (The oldest formation) = Borden Formation (New Providence Shale) in Indiana and Kentucky is this age.

Name Age

Antliodus cucullus                                                                            Keokuk

Antliodus gracilis                                                                              Warsaw

Antliodus minutus                                                                           Keokuk

Antliodus parvalus                                                                          Burlington

Antliodus perovalis                                                                          Warsaw

Antliodus sarcululis                                                                         Burlington

Antliodus similus                                                                              Keokuk

Antliodus simplex                                                                             Burlington

Antliodus sulcatus                                                                           Keokuk

Carcharopsis wortheni                                                                   Subcarboniferous

Chitonodus antiquus                                                                       Lower Burlington

Chitonodus latus                                                                              Keokuk

Chitonodus rugosus                                                                        Burlington

Chitonodus springeri                                                                      Upper Burlington

Chitonodus tribulis                                                                          Keokuk

Chromatodus tooth

Chromatodus affinis                                                                       Keokuk

Chromatodus comptus                                                                  Burlington

Chromatodus costatus                                                                   Keokuk

Chromatodus elegans                                                                    Keokuk

Chromatodus linearis                                                                     Subcarboniferous

Chromatodus loriformis                                                                 Keokuk

Chromatodus molaris                                                                     Keokuk

Chromatodus parallelus                                                                Warsaw

Chromatodus varsoviensis                                                           Warsaw

Cladodus acuminatus                                                                     Subcarboniferous

Cladodus angulatus                                                                        Keokuk

Cladodus bellifer                                                                               Burlington

Cladodus deflexus                                                                            Burlington

Cladodus gomphoides                                                                   Burlington

Cladodus intercostus                                                                      Burlington

Cladodus lamnoides                                                                       Keokuk

Cladodus micropus                                                                          Keokuk

Cladodus praenuntius                                                                    Burlington

Cladodus mraricoststus                                                                 Keokuk

Cladodus robustus                                                                           Keokuk

Cladodus turritus                                                                             Keokuk

Cochliodus costatus                                                                        Burlington

Ctenopetalus vinosus                                                                     Keokuk

Deltodopsis affinis                                                                           Warsaw

Deltodopsis bialveata                                                                     Burlington

Deltodopsis convexa                                                                       Upper Burlington

Deltodopsis exornata                                                                     Warsaw

Deltodopsis inflexa                                                                          Keokuk

Deltodopsis keokuk                                                                          Keokuk

Deltodus cinctus from Cumings & Beede 1901
Deltodus cinctus  

Deltodus cinctus                                                                               Warsaw

Deltodus latior                                                                                   Keokuk

Deltodus littoni                                                                                  Subcarboniferous

Deltodus occidentalis                                                                      Warsaw & St. Louis

Deltodus spatulatus from Cumings and Beede 1901
Deltodus spatulatus

Deltodus spatulatus                                                                        Burlington

Deltodus stellatus                                                                            Keokuk

Deltodus trilobus from Cumings and Beede 1901
Deltodus trilobus  

Deltodus trilobus                                                                              Warsaw

Deltodus undulatus                                                                         Keokuk

Desmiodus flabellum                                                                      Keokuk

Desmiodus ligoniformis                                                                 Keokuk

Desmiodus minasunlus                                                                  Keokuk

Helodus tooth from Floyd County, Indiana
Heliodus tooth

Helodus angulatus                                                                         Burlington

Helodus compressus                                                                      Burlington

Helodus coniculus                                                                           Burlington

Helodus crenulatus                                                                         Keokuk

Helodus denshumani                                                                     Keokuk

Helodus denticulatus                                                                     Keokuk

Helodus elytra                                                                                  Keokuk

Helodus gibbosus                                                                            Keokuk

Heliodus gibbus                                                                                 Keokuk

Helodus limax                                                                                   Burlington

Helodus politus                                                                                 Keokuk

Helodus sulcatus                                                                             Keokuk

Helodus undulatus                                                                         Keokuk

Hybocladodus compressus                                                           Burlington

Hybocladodus plicatus                                                                   Burlington

Hybocladodus tenurcostatus                                                       Keokuk

Lambdodus calceolus                                                                     Burlington

Lambdodus calceolus variety robustus                                    Keokuk

Lambdodus costatus                                                                      Burlington

Liodus calcaratus                                                                             Burlington

Liodus calcaratus var. grossipunctatus                                    Burlington

Lisgodus curtus                                                                                 Burlington

Lisgodus serratus                                                                             Burlington

Mesodmodus ornatus                                                                    Burlington

Orodus carinatus                                                                             Keokuk

Orodus elegantulus                                                                         Burlington

Orodus fastiatus                                                                               Burlington

Orodus major                                                                                    Burlington

Orodus mammillaris                                                                       Keokuk

Orodus minutus                                                                                Keokuk

Orodus ornatus                                                                                 Keokuk

Orodus tuberculatus                                                                       Burlington

Orodus variocostatus                                                                     Burlington

Palaeobatis insignis tooth or spine?                                          Keokuk

Periplectrodus warreni                                                                   Burlington

Petalodus curtus                                                                               Keokuk

Petalorhynchus striatum                                                               Burlington

Petrodus pustulosus                                                                       Burlington

Physonemus gigas                                                                           Burlington

Physonemus parvulus                                                                    Keokuk

Poecilodus springeri                                                                        Subcarboniferous

Poecilodus varsoviensis                                                                 Warsaw

Polyrhizodus nanus                                                                         Keokuk

Polyrhizodus plasensis                                                                   Warsaw

Polyrhizodus porosus                                                                      Burlington

Polyrhizodus truncatus                                                                  Burlington

Polyrhizodus williamsi                                                                    Keokuk

Psammodus glyptus                                                                      Upper Burlington

Psammodus grandis                                                                      Keokuk

Psammodus lovianus                                                                    Burlington

Psammodus springeri                                                                    Upper Burlington

Psammodus tumidus                                                                     Upper Burlington

Psammodus turgidis                                                                      Keokuk

Sandalodus angustus                                                                     Keokuk

Sandalodus complanatus                                                             Upper Burlington

Sandalodus laevissimus                                                                 Keokuk

Sandalodus minor                                                                           Keokuk

Stemmatodus bicrustatus                                                             Burlington

Stemmatodus bifurcatus                                                               Burlington

Stemmatodus chiriformis                                                              Burlington

Stemmatodus keokuk                                                                     Keokuk

Stemmatodus simplex                                                                    Burlington

Stemmatodus symmetricus                                                          Burlington

Stenopterodus elongatus                                                              Warsaw

Stenopterodus planni                                                                     Burlington

Taeniodus fasciatus                                                                         Keokuk

Taeniodus regularis                                                                         Warsaw

Tanadodus gracillimus                                                                   Keokuk

Tanadodus multiplicatus                                                               Burlington

Tanadodus obscurus                                                                       Keokuk

Thrinoacodus tooth through a microscope

Thrinoacodus duplicatus                                                               Keokuk

Thrinoacodus incurvus                                                                   Keokuk

Tomodus limitaris                                                                            Upper Burlington

Vaticinodus discrepans                                                                 Upper Burlington

Venustodus robustus                                                                      Keokuk

Venustodus tenuicostatus                                                             Keokuk

Venustodus variabilis                                                                      Burlington

Xystrodus inconitus                                                                         Keokuk

Xystrodus simplex                                                                            Upper Burlington

Shark Jaws

Deltoptychius primus                                                                      Upper Burlington

Deltoptychius varsoviensis                                                           Warsaw

Deltoptychius wachsmuthi                                                           Keokuk

Rhizodus hardingi                                                                            Subcarboniferous


Acrolepis hortonensis                                                                     Keokuk


Unidentified spine from the Salem Limestone

Acondylacanthus aequicostatus                                                 Keokuk

Acondylacanthus xiphias                                                               Keokuk

Anaclitacanthus semicostatus                                                     Burlington

Asteroptychius keokuk                                                                   Keokuk

Asteroptychius triangularis                                                          Burlington

Batacanthus baculiformis                                                             Keokuk

Batacanthus necis                                                                            Keokuk

Batacanthus stellatus                                                                     Keokuk

Ctenacanthus burlingtonensis                                                     Burlington

Ctenacanthus coxanus                                                                   Keokuk

Ctenacanthus excavatus                                                                Keokuk

Ctenacanthus gradocostatus                                                       Burlington

Ctenacanthus keokuk                                                                      Keokuk

Ctenacanthus mayi                                                                          Burlington

Drepanacanthus gemmatus                                                        Keokuk

Gampsacanthus latus                                                                     Keokuk

Glymmatacanthus rudis                                                                Keokuk

Gyracanthus cordatus                                                                    Keokuk

Oracanthus ?obliquus                                                                     Keokuk

Pnigeacanthus deltoides                                                               Keokuk