Minerals for Sale

Minerals for beginners, educators, “pretty rock” pickers, and species / locality collectors.

Rather than list inventory that comes and goes, I’m providing general information about what’s available.

I have been selling minerals from Steve Garza since 2017 (it was a monstrously large collection). In 2023, I starting selling Bob Robinson’s huge collection. It contains minerals and fossils. Most of Bob’s collection is hard to access due to how it’s stored. I will be going through it for at least five more years!

Specimens vary from yard rock to what’s called “museum size” – giant specimens in better condition / quality than yard rock to tiny thumbnail and micromount size that needs a microscope to be seen well.

A micromount-type specimen on cuprian-austinite and adamite from Gold Hill mine, Utah.
A micromount-type specimen on cuprian-austinite and adamite from Gold Hill mine, Utah.

Inquire about your interests to: deepskyspy@outlook.com.

Minimum order is $5. Postage will be calculated based on shipping distance & weight.

Featured minerals

Corydon, Indiana dolomite, calcite and fluorite – a famous locality with some of the best pink dolomite in the country. The quarry is not accessible to collectors. Steve collected there regularly between 1987 and 1999. Priced 50 cents to $30.

Flat of Corydon minerals
Representative flat of smaller specimens

Geodes from Indiana and Kentucky – opened and unopened. Quartz can be crystallized or chalcedony (bubbly-looking). Geodes may contain calcite, dolomite, barite, pyrite, millerite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite – depending where it’s from. Geodes are priced from 50 cents – $25.

Quartz crystals – Adams Farm, Bonsecours, Estrie, Quebec

New England minerals – all states represented and dozens of mineral species.

Flat of assorted New England minerald
Examples of minerals from New England

Rt. 72 in New Britain, Connecticut – collected in the 1970s. Rt. 9 replaced and took out entire outcrop. Locality doesn’t exist for collectors.

I-495 / I-290 interchange in Marlborough, Massachusetts – collected during construction. Locality no longer accessible due to highway laws.

Manhan Lead Mines in Easthampton, Massachusetts – one of America’s oldest lead mines (revolutionary war era).

Pegmatites of Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut – Elbaite tourmaline, beryl, garnets, albite, microcline, muscovite, quartz, and rare minerals.

Wise Mine, Westmoreland, New Hampshire – Green fluorite, mostly in octahedral crystals. Fluoresces blue.

Conklin Quarry, Lincoln Co., Rhode Island – Calcite, quartz, goethite, marble, bowenite, and more. Closed quarry.