Sample Articles by Alan

I have had somewhere around 140 articles published in the last 40+ years. Topics include geology, astronomy, nature, interpretation (as a park naturalist), gardening, and more. This page will have titles that link to individual articles.

Link to my bibliography

From Mineral News – June 2000: Minerals of the Walker Vein, Central Kentucky Fluorspar District

From Mineral News – Sept. 2001: Smithsonite Discovery in Cave in Rock, Illinois

From Astronomy magazine – Nov. 2009: Watch as Galaxies Collide

From Fossil News v. 2, no. 1-2, 1983: Fossils of the Louisville Limestone

M.A.P.S. Digest Mar. 1985: The distribution of Paleozoic Coral

Creative writing very short stories on life in the Devonian Period for the old Falls of the Ohio website:

Tiny the Trilobite


Cruising the Coral Sea

Photograph of part of the Legacy magazine article Seeing the Unseen.
Recent article in Legacy magazine