My Bibliography

Almost complete list (179 articles noted on Jan. 27, 2022) of published works by Alan Goldstein in astronomy, education / museum & parks, gardening, minerals and paleontology. Book contributions first, articles follow.

Book (author)

The Dragon in My Back Yard, Dingbat Publishing, Humble, Texas, 2021

Books (contributor)

Evolution – The Whole Story (contributor), Firefly Press, 2015

2 pages in a 576 p book

Deep Sky Observers Handbook, Part 4, Galaxies, (contributor of observations), Enslow-Lutterworth Publishers, 1984

The Universe from Your Backyard, AstroMedia, 1988

Deep Sky Observing with a Small Telescope, Enslow Publishers, 1989 – chapter on observing galaxies

Galaxies and the Universe, two chapters, Kalmbach Publishing, 1992

Stars and Galaxies, 10 chapters, Kalmbach Publishing, 1992

Dinofest Guide, Arizona State University, 1996

Illinois Fluorite District, in American Mineral Treasures, Lithographie, 2008

The Stratigraphy of Speed Quarry, In 9th North American Paleontology Convention, 2009 Field Trip – Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Silurian and Devonian Strata in the Central Ohio Valley, the Falls of the Ohio and Quarries in Clark Co., Indiana, June 24, 2009. University of Cincinnati.


Astronomy magazine

This is the largest circulating magazine on the subject in the world.

Observing Peculiar Galaxies, February 1981

Observing Edge-On Galaxies, May 1982

Observing the Autumn Galaxies, October 1983

Galaxy Hunting around the Big Dipper, March 1989

Split a Star in Two, December, 1989

Great Summer Planetaries, May 1990

Observing Nebulosities in Cygnus, June, 1990

Splashy Summer Star Clusters, September, 1990

Magnificent Orion, November, 1990

Exploring the Virgo Cluster, March, 1991

The wonders of the Coma Cluster, June 1991

Observing Bright Planetary Nebulae, September, 1991

Observing the Andromeda Galaxy, November, 1991

Book Review – Beyond the Solar System, July 1993

Distant Galactic Silhouettes: Observing Dusty Galaxies, 1993

Observing Celestial Powerhouses, 1993-4

Desperately Seeking Spirals, 1993-4

Deep Sky Objects in Odd Places, 1994

Twelve Splendid Spirals, April, 1995

Seeing the Unseen, March, 1996

Observing Tiny Planetaries at High Power, 1996-7

Summer’s Magnificent Swan Song, August 1997

Touring a Stellar Graveyard, December, 1997

Seeing into Violent Corners, March, 1998

All About M31, Explore the Universe, 2001

My Favorite Objects, February 2002 (My shortest article – see below)

I was invited to write this “shorticle.”

Watching a Celestial Ballet, August, 2002

Exploring the Pinwheel, November 2003

A Spiral Masterpiece, May 2005

Observing Celestial Odd Couples, January 2008

Explore the Gem of the Milky Way, June 2009

Watch as Galaxies Collide, November 2009

Create the Ultimate Observing Chart for Free Mar 2012

Ten Great Hits from an Obscure Catalogue, Dec. 2012

Target Hubble’s Galaxy Classes, May, 2013

Discover the ultraviolent sky, July, 2013

Set Your Sights on the Great Rift, July, 2015

Finding Our Place in the Milky Way, August, 2015 (reprinted in Discover magazine, May, 2016)

View Earth Through a Cosmic Lens in Discover

An NGC Primer, Sept. 2018

Explore nearby Deep-Sky Gems, November, 2018

Cosmic Catalogs, February, 2019

View Earth Through a Cosmic Lens, August, 2020

Discover the Strangest Galaxies in the Sky, Sept. 2021

Looking for Galaxies in All the Wrong Places, Oct. 2021

101 Must See Cosmic Objects, Jan. 2022

Planetary Nebulae in Color, Mar. 2022

Target 10 Galaxy Groups, May 2023

Explore 10 Great Open Clusters (In the Summer Triangle), July 2022

Deep Sky Monthly

29 articles between July 1977 and January 1982 – it became Deep Sky magazine in 1983.

Deep Sky magazine

Observing the Local Group, Fall 1983

DSM Reviews: Atlas of the Andromeda Galaxy, Winter 1983

Tilting Spiral Galaxies, Fall 1985

Observing Interacting Galaxies, Spring 1987

Ten Years of DSM, Summer 1987

Surveying Autumn’s Planetary Nebulae, Fall 1987

Observing the Classification of Galaxies, Fall, 1989

The Deep Sky

The quarterly publication of the National Deep Sky Observer’s Society, an organization founded by me while in high school

Galaxies: Observing the Deep Realm, Winter, 2000

Education & Nature

The Interpreter & Legacy magazines

Magazines published by National Association for Interpretation, the largest organization of its type in the world. Members include educators in parks, museums, historical sites, zoos & aquariums, universities that teach the subject.

Discovering fossils – a hands-on lab, Legacy, Mar. – Apr. 2002

Creating a Festival, July, 2003*

This won NAI’s best article award

Temporary Exhibits in Unexpected Places, Jan.-Feb. 2006

What is This? Mar.-Apr. 2008

Career Camps for Children, May-June 2011

Interpreting the Galaxy, Sept. – Oct. 2012 (2-page cover design)

Seeing the Unseen – interpreting Geological Time, May-June 2020

How to Become the Local Expert, May-June 2021


The National Association for Interpretation, Region 4 Newsletter

Activity Sheets as an Educational Tool for Interpretive Centers, Spring 2000

with Bett Etenohan, co-author

Shadows of Sound, Echos of Silence, Spring 2007

Indiana Interpreter (Indiana Department of Natural Resources)

Internal newsletter to interpretive naturalists in Indiana State Parks

A realllly big sheew! Nov.-Dec. 1999

Interpreting a Devonian Coral reef with Modern Marine Aquariums, Jan. – Feb. 2002

Outdoor Indiana

Bi-monthly magazine published by the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources

Finding and knowing the state’s best fossils, Sept.-Oct. 2010

Creature Feature – Sea Lily (Crinoid), January, 2016

Quarterly, (Louisville Museum of History and Science)

Publication for Museum members, it ran in the 1980s.

Utilizing Other Planets: What Does the Future Hold? Summer 1986

Here Comes the Sun, Winter-Spring 1986-7

Labels: Transmitting Information for years to Come, Winter-Spring 1986-7

Mammoth and Mastodon Teeth: What is the Difference? Winter-Spring 1986-7

The Museum’s Learning Collection, Fall 1987

Getting the Shaft in a Fluorite Mine, Fall 1987

Flying the Friendly (Cretaceous) Skies, Spring 1987, reprinted Spring 1988

Meteors: A Case of Science Friction, Winter 1988


Scanning the Winter Skies, Winter 1988


Astronomy Clubs: How Can They Help You? Winter 1988


Bringing Back the Rockies, Summer, 1988


The Courier Journal – Green Space columns

A series of columns that started off with a diverse focus but eventually became too narrow for me to continue. I’m are gardener not a botanist!

Limestone in rocks in Kentucky and Indiana, July 14, 2012

What is in my creek stone, August 4, 2012

Glaciers have ties to Louisville rocks, August 18, 2012

Erosion in your garden, December 22, 2012

Building nesting bags, February 2, 2013

Garlic Mustard, May 4, 2013

‘Living fossils’ create a garden with ancient roots, June 8, 2013


Digest (Mid America Paleontological Society)

This is the largest amateur paleontology groups in the U.S. When I wrote these articles, the readership was over 300 world-wide.

Anatomy of Lichenocriunus, March 1983

Differentiating the Devonian Coral Genus Favosites and Emmonsia, December 1983

Distribution of Paleozoic Corals in the United States, March & April 1985

Worm burrows in Middle Devonian Corals, February 1987

Fluorite-replaced Fossils, January 1988

A brief stop at Florissant, Colorado, November 1988

Systematics of the Devonian coral genus Emmonsia of the Kentuckiana area, October 1989

Labeling: Transmitting information for years to come, December 1989

The Coral Ridge Fauna, April, 1992

Extinct echinoderms of Kentucky, April 1993

Current Proper Names of Devonian Corals at the Falls of the Ohio, April 1998

Types & Growth Habits of Devonian Corals at the Falls of the Ohio and Surrounding Areas, April 1998

Microfossils of the Middle Mississippian Salem Limestone: Midwest U.S.A., April, 1999

Interaction Among Devonian Sea Life…, April, 2013

Fossil News

This was a privately published monthly publication. I don’t know if it’s still around today.

Curating Your Collection, February 2001

Fossils Quarterly

A short-lived small-format magazine, this was one of my first articles on fossils.

Fossils of the Louisville Limestone, Spring-Summer 1983

Journal of Paleontology (co-author)

This is a journal of the Paleontological Society, the largest professional organization of paleontologists in the world.

Crinoids from the Muldraugh Member of the Borden Formation in North-Central Kentucky, vol. 74, no., 6, 2000 (co-author)

A New Species of Gilmocrinus from the Muldraugh Formation, Osagean, Middle Mississippian, from Hardin Co., Kentucky, 2007

Evolution and Taphonomic Implications of a New Species of Amphoracrinus from the Early Visean of Kentucky (co-author), 2021

The Mineralogical Record

This is considered to be the most prestigious mineral magazine in North America and of the top three in the world.

Gerard Troost and His Collection, Sept. – Oct. 1984

Illinois – Kentucky Fluorite District, May-June 1997**

Famous Mineral Localities: Halls Gap, Lincoln Co., Kentucky, Sept.-Oct. 1997

Mineral News

This was a monthly periodical for mineral collectors published by Lanny Ream for many years before he “passed the torch” to a mineral dealer.

I plan to either scan each Mineral News article to PDF or rewrite the most significant articles and post them on my website. Check the “Minerals” page.

Vugs in fossils in Kentucky, May 1988

Minerals in drill cores, Cave in Rock, Illinois, July 1988

Minor secondary minerals in the Illinois-Kentucky fluorspar district, August 1988

Getting the shaft in a fluorite mine – a visit to the Annabel Lee mine, October 1988

What makes a mineral collection valuable to a museum? January, 1989

Minerals of Kentucky: The species list, May, 1989

Minerals in the geodes of Indiana and Kentucky, September, 1989

Labels Transmitting Information for Years to Come, February, 1990

Two Virginia Staurolite Localities, March, 1990

A New Celestite and Aragonite Locality near South Carthage, Tennessee, June, 1990

Halls Gap Millerite Locality – A Collector’s Update, August, 1990

Rambling through Colorado – 1, The Madonna Mine, April 1991

Muldraugh, Kentucky Geode Locality: An Update May, 1991

Roaming Colorado II – The Hartsel Barite Locality, July 1991

Cave in Rock – 1991, November, 1991

Mineral Locality News, January, 1992

Wandering Colorado – III, Vesicular Basalt Occurrence near Walcott, Eagle Co., Colorado, March, 1992

Collecting in Colorado – IV, Browns Canyon Fluorspar district, July, 1992

Examining Halls Gap Geodes: The SEM Approach, September, 1992

Examining Halls Gap Geodes: Part II – Some Notes on Millerite, November, 1992

Examining Halls Gap Geodes – Part III, Jamborite and other alterations of Millerite, December, 1992

Some Interesting Crystal Phantoms from Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, February, 1993

Collecting Report: Cave in Rock, 1992, March, March, 1993

A Mid-Summer’s Day Collecting Trip, March, 1993

Collecting Geodes Near Harrodsburg Indiana: Results from a brief excursion, June, 1993

Collecting in Colorado – V, National Belle Mine, August, 1993

1993 (Mineral) Report, September, 1993

Mineralized Fossils in Kentucky, December, 1993

Halls Gap 5 – Sphalerite, Galena, and a note about Cerussite, February, 1994

Halls Gap 4 – Pyrite, April, 1994

Corydon Crushed Stone quarry… Productive for the Moment, August, 1994

Halls Gap 6 – Quartz, October, 1994

Book Review – Rocks and Minerals of Kentucky, January 1995

Halls Gap 7- Mineral Miscellany, February, 1995

Etched Minerals, A Exciting View with an Electron Microscope, September, 1995

Fluorite and Associated Minerals from the… Irvington Quarry, Breckinridge Co., Kentucky, April, 1996

Giant Gypsum from a Kentucky Mine, June, 1996

Bloomington Mineral Fossil & Gem Show 1996, August, 1996

Ben F. Clement Mineral Museum, January, 1997

Minerals near Tateville, Pulaski Co., KY, November, 1997

Smithsonite Discovery in Cave in Rock, Illinois, September, 2001

Article posted on this website

Unusual Minerals in the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar District, May, 2003

Bancroft: A First Timer’s Report, September, 2004

Re-examination of Some Minerals from the Cave in Rock Area, April, 2005

2005 San Diego Collecting Trip, October, 2005

Spherical sphalerite from Bardstown, Kentucky, August 2010

Rock & Gem

One of the largest circulating hobby magazines in the U.S.

Falls of the Ohio – Indiana’s Newest State Park, Nov. 1994

Rocks and Minerals

The oldest amateur publication of its type in North America.

Kentucky Mineral Locality Index, Nov.-Dec. 2006

Couldn’t scan article due to binding – this is the cover


Managing a Fossil Park in an Urban Environment, in PaleoParks – The protection and conservation of fossil sites worldwide, Notebooks in Geology, Book 3, 2009

*  Article won an award of the Best Article of the Year (National Association for Interpretation, a professional organization representing interpreters, naturalists and educators around the world)

** Article won an award of the Best Article of the Year (Friends of Mineralogy, a national organization comprised of amateur and professional mineralogists / collectors)

Contributing Editor

Evolution and the Fossil Record by John Pojeta and Dale Springer, 2001 – invited to review content of this booklet.