The Dragon in My Back Yard

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A finalist for “Best Childrens Book” Imagdjinn Award 2022.

This page is devoted to my first published novel with resources and more.

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It all started with the ridiculous birthday present his father gave him. Honestly, who gives an eleven-year-old an ancient half-ton dragon sculpture that’s so huge it can only be parked in the back yard?

Josh Draconette loves to camp overnight with his best friends, and since his family is insanely rich, he’s got hundreds of pristine acres to choose from. His favorite camping spot — his favorite spot on the whole planet — is unfortunately also the perfect place for their business’s new distribution center… meaning that after the bulldozers and construction crews are finished, there won’t be anything left of Josh’s beloved campsite.

In a fit of despair, Josh’s tears bring to life the sculpture, now a real dragon named Yu. The ever-growing dragon hides and hunts on the huge estate while Josh, his friends, and Yu plot to outwit the destruction and construction. They try everything, from vandalism to dragon magic, desperate to make his father give up.

Josh couldn’t believe that any cost would be too high to save his favorite place. But now something terrible has happened. He feels like a mummy inside a sarcophagus screaming to get out, and he doesn’t know what disaster struck. Can the magic of a dragon’s heart save him and his family, or will this be the end of everything Josh loves?

About the Author: Alan Goldstein is a long-time park interpretive naturalist at the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Clarksville, Indiana. His interests include paleontology, minerals, astronomy, gardening, nature photography, and writing. “The Dragon in My Back Yard” is his debut novel but the five book “Earth Heart” series has been accepted by Dingbat Publishing and is coming next. He has published over 130 articles in periodicals over 40+ years including two that won national peer awards. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife, daughters, a dog, two cats and a snake. He is a co-organizer of the Louisville Writers Meet Up established in 2015.

The Depths of the Dragon

Coming soon: “The Dragon from my Back Story.” I will go into more detail about how my life experiences helped my provide the setting and the “non-fantasy” activities in this tale.

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I’m set up at the Clement Mineral Museum show selling “The Dragon” and minerals.