My Family

My life is one where family forms the core of what I’m about. I’m not a social butterfly, not one of those “Type A” personalities. I married in 1987 – she passed away recently. I have two daughters, Rachel & Emily. We have a dog (Winnie) and two cats (Danny & Binx). All these animals are from “Hocus Pocus.” We also have a Florida blue garter snake raised from a hatchling.

My formative years put me outside for decades. In the 1960s my dad was director of the Jewish Community Center’s summer camp at Otter Creek Park. I was out there a lot. In 1971, my dad decided to buy property for a family retreat and garden. We had 90 acres near Lanesville, Indiana. He sold the property in the early 2000s. As a teen, I spent too much time picking cucumbers with family and friends in the huge garden that dad sold to a local pickle company. My brother and friends put in a mile of trails. I got interested in astronomy in 1972 and started stargazing out there.

Parents recently passed away and my brother lives in Louisville and my sisters on opposite coasts. The extended family is, well, extended – with cousins (first, second, etc.), nieces, nephews, and even a couple of aunts and uncles still living.

With the passing of my mother, I have become the curator of family photos and documents. Since mid-2020 I’ve been scanning family photo albums. I’ve given out thumb drives with over 6,000 scanned photos and have another thousand or so more recently scanned. Items not wanted by family members that have some historical preservation value will be donated to several historical organizations (when time allows).

In Memoriam – Debbie Goldstein, Aug. 16, 1955 – Feb. 2, 2022

Photo of Alan's late wife of nearly 35 years - Debbie Goldstein 1955 - 2022
Debbie Goldstein 1955 – 2022
Goldstein family for Alan's dad's 90th birthday in 2019.
Goldstein family for Dad’s 90th birthday in 2019