Fossil Inventory: Concise (but long) list

Quantity and quality subject to availability, there are always changes – please inquire.  Some

single specimens are not listed. Specimens in italics may beout of stock.

Labels will include stage, formation, member or zone (if applicable), town, county.

Label example:

Rugose Coral

Zaphrentites spinulosa (Edwards & Haime)

Indian Springs Shale, Chesterian,

Upper Mississippian,

Sulphur, Crawford Co., Indiana

Preservation Code: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S =Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

BRACHIOPODS                                  Period                                                Location               Preservation

Acrospirifer duodenarius                  Middle Devonian                                 IN                            S,1 (valves)

Alatiformia varicosa                               ”             ”                                           IN                           S,1

Ambocoelia sp.                                    Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1

Ambocoelia umbonata                       Middle Devonian                                KY                          S,2

Amphistophia striata                          Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1

Anastrophia acutiplicata                       ”              ”                                           TN                          C,1

Anastrophia internascens                      ”              ”                                           IN                           C,1

Anthracospirifer spinosa                    Upper Mississippian                            IN,IL                      C,1

Athyris densis                                       Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1

Athyris spiriferoides                            Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Athyris vittata                                          ”             ”                                           IN                           C,S,1,2

“Atrypa” sp.                                          Lower Devonian                                  TN                          C.1

Brevispirifer? davisi                           Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,C,1

Brevispirifer gregarius                            ”             ”                                           IN,KY                    S,1,2

Camarotoechia acutiplicata              Middle Silurian                                    TN                          C,1

Camarotoechia transvera                   Lower Devonian                                  TN                          C,1

Chonetes scitulus                                 Middle Devonian                                ON                          C,1

Chonetes supergibbosus (2)               Middle Devonian                                Poland                   C1

Chonetes yandellanus                        Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,C,1,2

Cincinnetina multisecta (was Onneilla)    ”            ”                                     KY                          C,1,2

Cleiothyridina hirsuta                         Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1

Cleiothyridina sublamellosa             Mid/Upper Mississippian                   IN,IL                      C,1

Composita trinuclea                            ”     ”        ”                                           IN,IL,KY               C,1

Cuplularostrum tethys                        Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1,2

Cyrtina hamiltonensis                            ”          ”                                              IN                           C,S,1,2

Cyrtospirifer grabaui (1)                       ”          ”                                              Belgium                 C, 1

Dalmanella emacerata (was Onneilla) Upper Ordovician                            KY                          C,1,2

Devonochonetes coronatus               Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Diaphragmus cestriensis                     Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1

Echinoconchus alternatus                  Upper Mississippian                            KY,IN                    C,1,2

Echinoconchus biseriatus                   Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1,2

Eodictyonella reticulata                     Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2

Eospirifer eudora                                 Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1

Eospirifer radiata                                    ”             ”                                           IN                           C,1

Eumetria verneulliana                       Middle Mississippian                         IN                            C,1

Fardenia subplana                               Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,2

Geodized brachiopod                         Middle Mississippian                          KY                          S,1

Gotatrypa muldae                                               Middle Silurian                                    IN                          C,1

Hebertella frankfortensis                   Middle Ordovician                              KY                          C,S,1,2

Hebertella occidentalis                       Upper Ordovician                                KY,IN                    C,1,2

Homeospira evax                                Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1

Howella crispa                                          ”       ”                                              IN                            C,1,2

Inflatia inflatia                                     Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1,2

“Invertrypa” spinosa                          Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Kingena wacoensis                             Cretaceous                                            TX                          C,1

Labriproductus scitulus                     Middle Mississippian                         IN                            S,2

Leptaena rhomboidalis                       Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2

Leptaena rhomboidalis                       Early Devonian                                    TN                          C,1

Leptaena rhomboidalis                       Middle Devonian                                IN                           C,1,2

Leptaena richmondensis                    Upper Ordovician                                IN,KY                    C,1,2

Marginata burlingtonensis                 Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1,2

Mediospirifer audaculus                    Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,C,1,2

Mediospirifer? segmentum               Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Megastrophia concava                           ”             ”                                           KY,IN                    C,S,2

Megastrophia profunda                     Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,2

Merista tennessenesis                             ”             ”                                           TN                          C,1

Meristella maria                                      ”             ”                                           IN                           C,1

Mucrospirifer arkonensis                   Middle Devonian                                ONT                       C,1,2

Mucrospirifer thedordensis                   ”             ”                                           ONT                       C,1,2

Orbiculoidea keokuk                          Middle Mississippian                          KY                          Ph,2

Orthorhynchula linneyi                       Middle Ordovician                              KY                          S,C,1

Orthotetes keokuk                               Middle Mississippian                          IN                           C,2

Orusia lenticularis                                Cambrian                                              Sweden                  C,2

Ovatia ovatia                                       Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1,2

Paraspirifer acuminatus                     Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1 (sgl shells)

Pentamerus oblongata                        Middle Silurian                                    KY                          S,1,2

Pentagonia peersi                                 Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1 (sgl shells)

Perditocardia dubia                             Middle Mississippian                          KY,IN                    S,C,1,2

Petrocrania chesterensis                     Upper Mississippian                            KY,IN                    C,2  (on crinoids columns)

Petrocrania hamiltonesis                    Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,2

Petrocrania scabiosa                           Upper Ordovician                                KY,IN                    C,2

Petrocrania siluriana                           Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,2

Platystrophia sp.                                  Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2

Platystrophia cypha                                ”            ”                                           KY                          C,1,2

Platystrophia ponderosa                        ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1,2

Platystrophyia laticosta                         ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1,2

Polaniproductus varians                     Middle Devonian                                Skaly, Poland       C,1

Productid                                               Lower Carboniferous                         UK                          C,2

Protoleptostrophia perplana              Middle Devonian                                 IN                           C,1,2

Pseudoatrypa sp.                                     ”             ”                                           IN                           S,1

Pseudoatrypa tennesseneensis          Middle Silurian                                    TN                          C,1

Punctospirifer? subelliptica               Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1

Rafinesquina ponderosa                    Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2

Resserella elegentula                          Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2

Rhipidomella hybrida                               ”         ”                                            IN                           C,1,2

Rhipidomella oweni                            Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1

Rhipidomella penelope                      Middle Devonian                                IN                           C,1,

Rhipidomelloides emarginata           Middle Silurian                                   TN                          C,1

Rhipidomelloides oblata                    Early Devonian                                  TN                          C,1

Rhychonellids                                      Jurassic                                                  Portugal                 C,1

Rhynchopora beecheri                       Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1

Rhynchotreta americana                        ”         ”                                              IN                           C,1,2

Rugosochonetes shumardianus             ”          ”                                             KY                          C,1

Schizophoria striatula                         Middle Devonian                                IN                           C,1,2

Schizoramma fissiplica                      Middle Silurian                                    TN                          C,1

Sieberella roemeri                                   ”             ”                                           TN                          C,1,2

Sieberella knotti                                        ”        ”                                             IN                           C,1,2

Skelidorgyma suborbicularis             Middle Mississippian                          IN,KY                    C,1,2

Sowerbyella rugosa                             Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2

Sphaerirhynchia compressa              Middle Silurian                                    TN                          C,1

Sphaerirhynchia saffordi                       ”             ”                                           TN                          C,1

Sphaerirhynchia sp.                             Middle Silurian                                    TN                          C,1

Spinocyrtia granulosa (Orthospirifer fornacula)  Middle Devonian          IN                           S,C,1,2

Spinocyrtia ostiolata (1)                     Middle Devonian                                Belg                        C,1

Spinulicosta spinulicosta                   Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1,2

Spirifer bifurcutus                               Middle Mississippian                          IN,KY                    S,C,1,2

Spirifer byrnesi                                    Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Spirifer hobbsi                                         ”             ”                                           IN                           S,C,1,2

Stegerhynchus acinus                         Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1

Stegerhynchus indianensis                     ”             ”                                           IN                           C,1

Stegerhynchus neglecta                          ”             ”                                           IN                           C,1

Stegerhynchus whitii                               ”             ”                                           IN                           C,1

Stringocephala wedekendi (1)           Middle Devonian                                Belg                        C,1

Stropheodonta crassa                                         ”                                              MI                          C,1

Stropheodonta demissa                      Middle Devonian                                IN                           C,1,2

Strophomena planumbona                Upper Ordovician                                IN,KY                    C,1,2

Subglobochonetes planumbona       Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1

Tegulocera (Spirifer) tenuicostata   Middle Mississippian                          KY                         C,1,2

Torynifer salemensis                              ”             ”                                           KY                         C,1,2

Tropidoleptus carinatus                     Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Uncinulus stricklandi                          Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1

Whitfieldella nitida                                 ”             ”                                           IN                           C,1 

Zygospira modesta                             Upper Ordovician                                IN                           C,1

Zygospira sp.                                        Middle Ordovician                              KY                          S,2

Misc. brachiopods                               Middle Mississippian                          IL                    Fluorite-replaced/encrusted

BRYOZOANS                                          Period                                              Location               Preservation

Amplexopora septosa                         Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2

Archimedes communis                      Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1

Archimedes invaginatus                        ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Archimedes intermedius                        ”            ”                                           KY                          C,1

Archimedes laxus                                                    ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Archimedes macfarlani                          ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Archimedes meekanoides                     ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Archimedes meekanus                           ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Archimedes proutanus                           ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Archimedes sp.                                        ”             ”                                           IN,AL                     C,1,2

Batostoma gracilis                               Upper Ordovician                                KY,IN                    C,1

Batostoma jamesi                                    ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Batostoma varians                                  ”             ”                                           KY,IN                    C,1

Cystodictya gilberti                            Middle Devonian                                 KY                           C,2

Cystodicta lineata                                               Middle Mississippian                          KY,IN                    C,1,2

Dekayia ulrichi                                     Upper Ordovician                                KY,IN                    C,1,2

Eridotrypa macrostoma                     Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1,2 on crinoids columns

Eridotrypa sp.                                       Middle Devonian                                IN                           C,1,2

Fenestella acmea                                 Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C1,2

Fenestella parvulipora                        Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C1,2

Fistulipora concentrica                       Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,2

Fistulipora spergenensis                     Middle Mississippian                          KY,IN                    C,1,2

Fistulipora sp.                                       Upper Mississippian                            IN                           C,1,2

Fistulipora sp.                                       Middle Devonian                                IN,KY                    C,2

Hederella sp. on crinoid stem           Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,2

Heterotrypa subfrondosa                   Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2

Homotrypa dawsoni                           Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1

Homotrypa flabellaris                          ”              ”                                           KY,IN                    C,1

Homotrypella hospitalis                       ”               ”                                           IN                           C,1

Lyroporella ovalis                                               Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1

Monticulapora mammulata                 ”               ”                                           KY                          C,1

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S =Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S =Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

Meekopora exigua                              Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1

Parvohallopora dalei                           ”               ”                                           IN                            C,1

Parvohallopora oneilli                           ”               ”                                           KY                          C,1

Parvohallopora ramosa                        ”               ”                                           KY,IN                    C,1

Parvohallopora rugosa                       ”               ”                                           KY,IN                     C,1

Parvohallopora subfrondosa               ”               ”                                           KY                          C,1

Peronopora vera                                    ”               ”                                           KY                          C,2

Polypora spp.                                       Middle Devonian                                KY                          C,2

Polypora cestriensis                             Middle & Upper Mississippian         KY,IN                    C,1,2 (some IDed)

Polypora multispinosa                        Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1,2

Prasopora simulatrix                           Middle Ordovician                              KY                          C,1

Rhopalonaria venosa?                        Upper Ordovician                                KY,IN                    C,2

Saffordotaxis incrassata                    Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1 (very small)

Stromatopora sp.                                 Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,2

Tabulipora ramosa                              Upper Mississippian                            IN, KY                   C,1,2

Unidentified disks                               Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

CORALS                                                   Period                                          Location               Preservation

Calapoecia huronensis  (t)                  Upper Ordovician                                KY,IN                    C,1         

Foerstephyllum vacuum    (t)                            ”                                              KY,IN                    C,1

Grewingkia rusticum          (h)                           ”                                              KY,IN                    C,1

Protarea richmondensis      (t)                            ”                                              KY,IN                    C,1  

(r) = rugose, (h) = horn coral type rugose, (t) = tabulate (honeycomb or branching)

CORALS                                                    Period                                           Location               Preservation

Asthenophyllum davisi                       Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2

Alveolites fibrosus (t)                                         “                                              KY                          S,1

Alveolites louisvillensis                                      ”                                              KY                          S,1

Alveolites undosus                                              ”                                              KY                          S,1

Arachnophyllum mammillare  (r)                      ”                                              KY                          S,1

Arachnophyllum pentagonum                          ”                                              KY                          S,1

Arachnophyllum separatum                             ”                                              KY                          S,1

Arachnophyllum striatum                                  ”                                              KY                          S,1

Astrocerium venustum       (t)                            ”                                              KY                          S,1

Coenites aculeata (t)                                           “                                              IN,KY                    C,S,2

Coenites reticulata                                              ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,2

Coenites ordinata                                                ”                                              KY                          S,1

Coenites verticillatus                                           ”                                              KY                          S,1,2

Cystihalysites nexus           (t)                            ”                                              KY                          S,1,2

Dalmanophyllum herzeri  (h)                            ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1,2

Ditoecholasma fanninghanum (h)                    ”                                              TN                          C,1

Dokophyllum intertrium                                     “                                              IN, KY                   C,S,1,2

Duncanella borealis (h)                                     ”                                              IN                           C,1

Egosiella sp.? (t)                                                  ”                                              KY                          S,1

Enterolasma waynese                                         ” (& Lwr Devonian)           TN                          C,1,2

Enterophyllum strictum (h)                               ”                                              KY                          S,1,2

Favosites beechensis (t)                                      ”                                              TN                          C,1

Favosites clavatulus Amsden                            ”                                              TN                          C,1

Favosites cristatus (tb)                                        ”                                              KY                          S,1,2

Favosites discoideus                                           ”                                              IN,KY,TN              S,1

Favosites discus                                                   ”                                              KY                          S,1

Favosites favosus                                                ”                                              KY                          S,1

Favosites forbesi var. occidentalis                   ”                                              IN                           C,1

Favosites niagarensis                                          ”                                              KY                          S,1

Favosites sp.                                                         ”                                              OH                          C,1,2

Favosites spinigerus                                            ”                                              IN                           C,1

Halysites catenularia  (t)                                    ”                                              KY                          S,1,2

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S =Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

Halysites louisvillensis                      Middle Silurian                                    KY                         S,1,2

Heliolites romingeri                                            “                                              KY                          S,1

Heliolites subtubulatus                                      “                                              KY                          S,1

Plasmophyllum niagarense (h)                          ”                                              KY                          S,1

Plasmapora elegans  (H)                                   ”                                              KY                          S,1

Propora papillata  (H)                                         ”                                              KY                          S,1

Propora puella                                                    ”                                              KY                          S,1

Quepora huronensis                                            ”                               IN, KY                   C,2

Streptelasma radicans (h)                                   ”                                              IN                           C,1

Streptelasma? subvesiculare                             ”                                              KY                          S,1

Strombodes shumardi (r)                                    ”                                              KY                           S,1,2

Thecia major (t)                                                   ”                                              KY                          S,1

Thecia minor                                                        ”                                              KY                          S,1

Tryplasma mitella (r)                                          ”                                              KY                           S,1,2

Tryplasma prava                                                 ”                                              KY                          S,1, 2

Zaphrentis celator daytonensis (h)   Lower Silurian                                      KY                          C,1

CORALS                                                 Period                                             Location               Preservation

Acinophyllum stokesi         (r)            Middle Devonian                                KY,IN                    C,S,1,2

Acrophyllum rugosum                                       ”                                              KY                          S,1

Aemuliophyllum exiguum  (r)                            ”                                              KY,IN                     C,1,2

Alveolites asperus (tb)                                        ”                                              KY                          S,1

Alveolites constans                                             ”                                              KY                          S,1

Alveolites goldfussi                                             ”                                              IN, ONT                C,S,1

Alveolites minimus                                             ”                                              KY                          S,1

Alveolites mordax *                                           ”                                              KY,IN                    S,1

Alveolites winchellana (tb)                                ”                                              KY,IN                    S,1,2

Aulacophyllum conigerum (h)                          ”                                              IN                           S,1

Aulacophyllum mutabile                                   ”                                              IN                           S,1

Aulacophyllum perlamellosum                         ”                                              KY,IN                    S,1

Aulacophyllum pinnatum                                  ”                                              KY,IN                    S,1

Aulacophyllum sulcatum                                    ”                                             KY,IN                    S,1

Aulocystis auloporoidea    (t)                            ”                                              IN                           S,1,2

Aulocystis fascicularis                                        ”                                              KY                          S,2

Aulocystis frutectosa                                          ”                                              IN                           S,1

Aulocytis incrustans                                           ”                                              KY                          S,2

Aulocystis jacksoni                                             ”                                              IN                           S,1

Aulocystis procumbens                                      ”                                              IN                           S,2

Aulocystis nobilis                                                ”                                              KY,IN                    S,1,2

Aulocystis sp.                                                       ”                                              IN                           S,2

Aulocystis transitorius                                        ”                                              IN                           S,2

Aulopora edithana (t)                                         ”                                              IN                           S,1

Aulopora tubiporoides                                        ”                                              KY                          S,2

Blothrophyllum romingeri (h)                           ”                                              KY,IN                    S,1

“Blothrophyllum” trisulcatum                          ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Bethanyphyllum arctifossa (h)                           ”                                              IN                           S,1

Bethanyphyllum nanum                                    ”                                              IN                           S,1

Bethanyphyllum sp.                                            ”                                              IN                           S,1

Bordenia knappi  (h)                                           ”                                              IN                           S,1

“Brevisphrentis halli”          (h)                           ”                                              IN                           S,1

“Brevisphrentis” nitida                                       ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

“Brevisphrentis?” planima                                ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Chonostegites tabulatus (t)                                ”                                              IN                           S,1

Cladopora acupicta (tb)                                     ”                                              IN,KY,MO            C,S,1,2

Cladopora imbricata  (tb)                                   ”                                              KY                          S,1

Cladopora labiosa  (tb)                                       ”                                              IN,KY, MO           C,S,1,2                  Cyathocylindrium opulens                                  ”                                              IN, KY                   S,1

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S =Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

Cystiphylloides americanum (h        Middle Devonian                                IN, ON                   C,S,1

Cystiphylloides americanum bellense             ”                                              MI                          C,1

Cystiphylloides conifollis                   Middle Devonian                                 ONT                       C,1,2

Cystiphylloides infundibuliformis                    ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Cystiphylloides nanum                                      ”                                              KY                          S,1

Cystiphylloides plicatum                                   ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Cystiphylloides pustulatum                              ”                                           IN,KY                    S,1

Cystiphylloides sp.                                              ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1,2

Enallophrentis? cyathiformis (h)                      ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Enallophrentis duplicata                                    ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Enallophrentis? foliata                                       ”                                              IN                           S,1

Enallophrentis inflata                                         ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Enallophrentis ovalis                                          ”                                              IN                           S,1

Enallophrentis simplex                                       ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Eridophyllum apertum (h)                                 ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Eridophyllum archiaci (r)                                   ”                                              IN,KY,ONT           C,S,1

Eridophyllum coagulatum (r)                            ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Eridophyllum seriale (r)                                     ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Eridophyllum subcaespitosum                         ”                                              ONT                       C,1,2

Favosites biloculi (t)                                           ”                                              KY                          S,1

Favosites clausus  (tb)                        Middle Devonian                                 IN, ONT                C,S,1

Favosites clelandi (t)                                           ”                                              KY                          S,1

Favosites conicus                                (Lower) ”                                               TN                          C,1

Favosites foerstei                                 (Lower) ”                                               TN                          C,1

Favosites hamiltonae                                         ”                                              IN,KY,ONT           C,S,1

Favosites hemisphericus var. cornutiformis  ”                                              KY                           S,1

Favosites mundus                                                               ”                                              IN                           S,1

Favosites pirum                                                   ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Favosites placentus                                             ”                                             IN, ON                   C,S,1

Favosites proximatus                                         ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Favosites ramulosus  (tb)                                   ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1,2

Favosites sp.                                                         ”                                             

IN, MO                  C,S,1

Favosites turbinatus                                            ”                                              IN                           S,1

Favosites (Emmonsia) arbuscula                    ”                                              IN                           S,1

Favosites (Emmonsia) bacula                          ”                                              KY                          S,1

Favosites (Emmonsia) cymosa                        ”                                              KY                          S,1

Favosites (Emmonsia) emmonsia                    ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1,2

Favosites (Emmonsia) eximia                           ”                                              IN                           S,1

Favosites (Emmonsia) radiciformis                ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Favosites (Emmonsia) sp.                                  ”                                             IN                           S,1

Hadrophyllum orbignyi (r)                                 ”                                              IN                           C,S,1

Heliophyllum agassizi (h)                                  ”                                              IN                           S,1

Heliophyllum alternatum                                 ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Heliophyllum coalitum (r)                                 ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Heliophyllum denatum                                      ”                                              IN                           S,1

Heliophyllum halli                                              ”                                              ONT                       C,1,2

Heliophyllum halli bellense                               ”                                              MI                          C,1

Heliophyllum incrassatum                                ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1

Heliophyllum latericrescens (multi-corallite) ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1

Heliophyllum ingens  (colonial form)             ”                                              KY                          S,1

Heliophyllum pocillum                                      ”                                              IN                           S,1

Heliophyllum venatum                                      ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Heliophyllum verticale                                       ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Heliophyllum sp.                                                 ”                                              IN                           S,1

Hexagonaria anna                                               ”                                              MI                          C,1

Hexagonaria fusiformis                                     ”                                              MI                          C,1

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

(r) = rugose, (h) = horn coral type rugose, (t) = tabulate (honeycomb) (tb) = branching

Odontophyllum convergens (h)                        ”                                              IN                           S,1

Platyaxum fischeri (tb)                                       ”                                              ONT                       C,1,2

Platyaxum frondosum  (tb)                                ”                                              IN, ONT                S,1, C,1,2

Pleurodictyum cylindricum (t)                          ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S, 1, 2

Pleurodictyum planum                       Middle Devonian                                 KY                          S, 1

Pleurodictyum wardi                           Middle Devonian                                 KY                          S, 1

Pleurodictyum (Procteria) michelinoidea (t)  ”                                              IN                           S,1,2

Prismatophyllum bella        (r)                            ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Prismatophyllum conjunctum                           ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1

Prismatophyllum ovoideum                              ”                                              IN                           S,1

Prismatophyllum prisma                                    ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1

Prismatophyllum truncata                                 ”                                              IN                           C,S,1

Siphonophrentis elongata (h)                            ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1

Siphonophrentis yandelli   (Breviphrentis?)   ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

“Skoliophyllum” squamosum (h)                     ”                                              IN,KY                   S,1

Stereolasma gallicalcar (h)                                 ”                                              IN                           S,1

Striatopora bellistriata (tb)                                 ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1,2

Striatopora cavernosa (tb)                                 ”                                              IN                           S,1

Striatopora sp.                                                      ”                                              IN                           S,1

Syringopora hisingeri         (t)                            ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1,2

Syringopora hisingeri (in stromatoporoid)     ”                                              IN,KY                    S,2

Tabulophyllum callowayensis                          ”                                              MO                         C,1,2

Tabulophyllum? greeni       (h)                           ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1,2

Tabulophyllum? sinuosum                                ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1,2

Tabulophyllum? tripinnatum                            ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Tabulophyllum? zaphrentiforme                     ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Thamnopora distans (tb)                                    ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1,2

Thamnopora limitaris  (tb)                                 ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1,2

Thamnoptychia alternans  (tb)                          ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

Zaphrentis phrygia (h)                                        ”                                              IN,KY                    S,1

DEVONIAN CORAL ‘COQUINAS” – Specimens are available with a variety of specimens of corals on a single rock (up to 12″/30cm across).                                Middle Devonian                                 IN, KY                   S,2

CORALS                                                  Period                                            Location               Preservation

Acrocyathus floriformis     (r)            Middle Mississippian                          IN                            S,1

Amplexus fragilis                                 (h)                           ”                                              KY                          P,1

Aulopora timorica (1)         (t)            Upper Permian                                     Timor                     C,1

Cladochonus beecheri        (t)            Middle Mississippian                          KY,IN                    C,1,2

Cladochonus crassus                                          ”                                              KY                          C,1

Cladoconus conus                                               ”                                              KY                          C,1

Cyathaxonia arcuata           (h)                           ”                                              KY                          C,P,1     

Cystelasma quinqueseptatum (h)                     ”                                              IL                            S,1         

Favosites sp.                         (t)                            ”                                              KY                          P,1

Hapsiphyllid coral               (h)                           ”                                              KY                          P,1

Hapsiphyllum cassidayi     (h)                           ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1     

Lithostrotian harmonites (r)                               ”                                              IL,KY                     C,S,1

“Lithostrotian” proliferum (r)                            ”                                              IN                           S,1         

Michelania subramosa       (t)                            ”                                              IL                            S,1

Pachypora lobata                 (t)            Upper Permian                                     Timor                     C,1

Syringopora monroense     (t)            Middle Mississippian                        IN                           C,S,1,2

Triplophyllites sp.               (h)                           ”                                              IN,KY                    C,S,1,2

Trochophyllum verneuilanum (h)                     ”                                              KY                          C,P,1

Zaphrentites spinulosa        (h)           Upper Mississippian                            IN,IL,AL,KY        C,1,

(r) = rugose, (h) = horn coral type rugose, (t) = tabulate (honeycomb or branching)


Micrabacia hilgardi                             Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix


BLASTOIDS                                       Period                                   Location                               Preservation

Cuplocorona gemmiformis                Middle Silurian                                   IN                            C,1,2  (Coronid echinoderm)

Elaeacrinus verneuili                           Middle Devonian                                IN, MO                  C,S,1,2

Pentremites conoideus                        Middle Mississippian                          IN                           C,1,2

Pentremites girtyi                                 Upper Mississippian                            IN                           C,1

Pentremites godoni                                  ”             ”                                           IL,KY                     C,S,1,2  

Pentremites patei                                     ”             ”                                           IN                           C,1

Pentremites pyriformis (=clavatus & okawensis) ”                                       IN, KY                   C,1,2

Pentremites springeri                                           ”                                              IN                           C,1         

Pentremites symmetricus                                   ”                                              IN                           C,S,1

Pentremites welleri                                               ”                                              IN                           C,1,2

Pentremites growth stage series available

CRINOIDS                                           Period                                   Location              Preservation

Agassizocrinus conicus                      Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1

Ancyrocrinus bulbosus                       Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Calyx radial & other body plates:

Barycrinus cornutus                           Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1

Barycrinous sculptilis                             ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Cyathocrinus astralis                              ”            ”                                           KY                          C,1

Cyathocrinus sp.                                      ”             ”                                           KY                          P,1

Gaulocrinus trautscholdi                        ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Halysiocrinus tunicatus                         ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1

Platycrinites sp.                                        ”             ”                                           KY                          P,1

Column –geodized                              Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Dolatocrinus stem / columnals         Middle Devonian                                IN,KY                    S,1,2

Dichocrinus simplex (basal cup)      Middle Mississippian                          IN,KY                    C,1,2

Dimerocrinus inornatus                     Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1

Dizygocrinus sp.                                      ”             ”                                           KY                          C,1,2

Eucalyptocrinites crassus (cup)        Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2

Eucaltyptocrinites tuberculatus (cup)  Middle Silurian                                                IN                           C,1

Eucladocrinus millebrachiatus stem (oval disks)  Middle Mississippian  KY                         C,1

Holdfast – Eucalyptocrinites                  ”            ”                                           IN                           C,2

Holdfast – Lichenocrinus sp.             Upper Ordovician                                KY,                       C,2

Holdfasts, multicirri                             Silurian                                                  TN                          C,1

Devonian                                               IN                           S,1

Mississippian                                        KY                          C,S,1,2  

Holdfast, Podolithus                           Devonian                                               IN                           S,1

Lecanocrinus pisiformis                     Middle Silurian                                    TN                          C,1

Lecanocrinus pusillus                              ”            ”                                            IN                           C,1

Lyriocrinus melissa (cup)                      ”            ”                                            IN                           C,1,2

Melocrinus obconicus                           ”            ”                                            IN                           C,2

Myelodactylus sp.                                   ”           ”                                            IN                           C,2

Pentecrinus penichensis (6 columns) Middle Jurassic   -1 bag –                 Peniche, Portugal S,1

Phanocrinus sp. (basal cup)               Upper Mississippian                            IN,AL                     C,1,2     

Pisocrinus campana (basal cup)         Middle Silurian                                  TN                          C,1,2

Pisocrinus quinquelobus    (basal cup)  ”            ”                                         TN                          C,1,2

Pisocrinus tennesseensis (basal cup) ”                 ”                                          TN                          C,1,2

Platycrinites bonoensis (cups)           Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,2

Pterotocrinus acutus (wing plates)  Upper  Mississippian                            IN                           C,1

Pterotocrinus bifurcatus                     ”    ”              ”         ”                            IN                           C,1         

Pterotocrinus depressus                        ”    ”            ”       ”                              IN                           C,1         

Pterotocrinus sp.                                  ”    ”              ”        ”                              IN,AL                     C,1

Pterotocrinus vannus                            Upper  Mississippian                        IN                           C,1         

Periecocrinus christyi                         Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2

Scytalocrinus robustus                       Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,2

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

Synbathocrinus swallovi    (cup,arms) Middle Mississippian                      KY                          C,1,2

Talarocrinus patei (cup, tegman)      Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,1

Taxocrinus whitfieldi (arms or crown)    ”      ”              ”                              IN                           C,1,2

Stems                                                     Mid-Upper  Mississippian                  KY                         C,S, Fluorite replaced/encrusted


Caryocrinus persculptis                      Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2


CEPHALOPODS                              Period                                                   Location               Preservation


Dawsonoceras amycus                       Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,2

Michelinoceras sp.                              Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1

“Orthoceras” spp.                                Upper Ordovician                                KY,IN                    C,1,2

Partial Geodized coiled                      Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1


Cambrictites greenei                           Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1

Polaricyclus ballardensis                        ”            ”                                           KY                          P,1

Polaricyclus conkini                                ”             ”                                           KY                          P,1

Winchelloceras sp.                                  ”             ”                                           KY                           P,1


Baculites sp.                                         Cretaceous                                            TX                          C,1

Belemitella americanus                     Jurassic                                                  WY                         C,1

Hastites sp. (baculites)                       Lias, Early Jurassic                             Portugal                 C,1

Hildoceras bifrons                                 ”         ”     ”                                        Portugal                 C,1

Unidentified                                          Lias, Early Jurassic                             Portugal                 P,1

GASTROPODS/MONOPLACOPHORANS  Period                              Location               Preservation

Bellerophon gibsoni                            Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,1

Bembexia sulcomarginata                 Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1,2      

Cyclonema sp.                                     Upper Ordovician                                IN, KY                   C,1,2

Crytolites carinatus (Monoplacophoran)  Upper Ordovician                      KY                          C,1

Geodized high-spire snails                 Middle Mississippian                          IN                           S,1

Glabrocingulum ellenae                         ”              ”                                         KY                          P,1 (type locality)

Globularia umbilica                            Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Liospira macula                                  Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2

Lophospira medialis                            Middle Ordovician                              KY                          S1,2

Lophospira biseriatus?                        Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2

Loxonema sp.                                      Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1

Loxonema sp.                                      Middle Ordovician                              KY                          S,1,2

Paupospira bowdeni                            Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2 – AKA “Loxoplocus”

Natica tigra (1)                                     Miocene                                                Poland                   C,1

Naticonema lineata                             Middle Devonian                                IN                           C,1

Platyceras (Orthonychia) acutirostre Middle Mississippian                        KY                          C,1,2

Platyceras spp.                                     Middle Devonian                                IN,KY                    C,2 (variable avail.)

Platyceras (Platystoma) niagarense Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2

Pleurotomaria sp.                                 Kimmerdgian, Late Jurassic              Portugal                 C,1

Sinuitina annaea (Monoplacophoran) Middle Mississippian                       KY                          P,1 (type locality)                  

Sinuites cancellatus (Monoplacophoran) Upper Ordovician                       KY                          C,1,2

Sphenosphaera troosti                        Middle Ordovician                              KY                          S,1,2

Strophostylus cyclostomus                Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2

Trepispira sp.                                        Middle Mississippan                           KY                          P,1

Turbonopsis shumardi                        Middle Devonian                                IN                           C,1,2 & impressions in stroms

Turretilla mcnairyensis                      Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

PELECYPODS                                   Period                                                   Location               Preservation

Ambonychia spp.                                Upper Ordovician                                IN,KY                    C,1,2     

Anomia argenta                                   Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Caritodens demissa                             Upper Ordovician                                IN,KY                    C,2

Crassatella vadosus                            Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Ctenodonta sp.                                     Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1         

Cycloconcha milleri                            Upper Ordovician                                IN                           C,2          

Cypricardinia arata                             Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,2

Deceptrix filistriata                             Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2

Deceptrix cf. D. hartsvillensis           Middle Ordovician                              KY                          S,1,2

Exogyra costata                                  Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Limopsis meeki                                       ”           ”                                            MS                          C,1

Limoptera cancellata                          Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1,2

Lyrodesma conradi                             Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1,2

Modiolopsis sp.                                        ”           ”                                            IN,KY                    C,2

Modiomorphia concentrica                Middle Devonian                               IN                           S,2

Modiomorphia coated w/ quartz           ”           ”                                            IN                           S,2

Myalina sp.                                           Middle & Upper Mississippian         IN, KY                   C,S,2

Myalina subquadrata                          Upper Pennsylvanian                         KS                           C,1

Nucula percrassa                                 Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Nuculana australis                                   ”           ”                                            MS                          C,1

Nuculana whitfieldi                                 ”           ”                                            MS                          C,1

Nuculopsis sp.                                      Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1

Paracyclas elliptica (ohiense)            Middle Devonian                                IN,KY                    C,S,1,2     

Paracyclas liriata (rugosa)                 ”                 ”                                         IN,KY                    S,1          

Pecten sp.                                              Miocene                                                OR                          C,2

Phestia sp.                                             Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1

Pterinea brisa                                        Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,2         

Toredo rectus                                       Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Vanuxemia gibbosa                            Middle Ordovician                              KY                          S,1,2

Internal casts                                        Middle Devonian                                IN                           C,1

Mother of Pearl                                    Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

ROSTROCONCHS & SCAPHOPODS         Period                                 Location               Preservation

Dentalium inornatum                         Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Dentalium ripleyanum                            ”           ”                                            MS                          C,1

Hippocardia cuniformis                     Middle Devonian                                 IN,KY                     C,1,2

Pseuomulceodens cancellatum         Middle Mississippian                          KY                           P,1

PLANTS                                               Period                                                   Location               Preservation

Algae                                                      Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Beckerosperma ovalicarpa (seed)    Oligocene                                              OR                          C,2

Callixylon newberryi ^   (wood)       Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

^ (Almost the oldest petrified wood in the world)

Cederella merrilli (seed)                     Oligocene                                              OR                          C,2

Various leaves                                     Oligocene                                              OR                          C,2

Malachite-coated lycopods               Pennsylvanian                                     OH                          1,2

Prismostylus sp.  (Was Tetradium)  Upper Ordovician                                KY,IN                    C,1

PORIFERA/Stromatoporoids        Period                                                   Location               Preservation

Astraeospongia meniscus                   Middle Silurian                                    TN                          S,C,1

Astylomannum craterum                     ”               ”                                           TN                          S,1

Astylospongia stellatum bulbosum    ”               ”                                           TN                          S,1

Astylospongia stellatum sulcatum       ”             ”                                           TN                          S,1

Astylospongia verrucosa                    Middle Silurian                                    TN                          S,C,1

Heterospongia?                                    Upper Ordovician                               KY                          S,1

Hindia sphaeroidalis                           Middle Silurian                                    TN                          S,C,1

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

Hindia sphaeroidalis                           Middle Devonian                                KY                          S,1,2

Hexactinellid (glass) sponges*         Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,2

* root tufts and matts of spicules available

Various Stromatoporoids                  Middle Silurian, Middle Devonian  IN,KY                     C,S,1,2

Anstylostroma laxum, A. subcolumnare, A. ponderosum  Middle Devonian  IN,KY            C,S,1,2

Stromatopora eumaculosa, Stromatoporella parasolitaria   Middle Devonian  IN,KY           C,S,1,2

Syringostroma radicosum, S. superdensum, S. tuberosum  Middle Devonian  IN,KY           C,S,1,2

Stromatoporoid/rugose coral epifaunal associations, Middle Devonian   IN, KY                  S,1                         

PROBLEMATICA                                 Period                                              Location               Preservation

Conularia sp.                                        Upper Mississippian                            IN                           Ph,2 (partials)

Paraconularia sp.                                 Middle Mississippian                          KY                          Ph,1,2

Sphenothallus sp.                                 Upper Ordovician                                KY                          Carbonized

TRACE FOSSILS                                 Period                                               Location              Preservation

Acrothoacid barnacle holes in coral or bryozoan   Upper Mississippian   KY                          C,2

Zaphrentites spinulosa or Tabulipora ramosa

Bored brachiopods (Inflatia)             Upper Mississippian                           KY                          C,1,2

Bored rugose corals                            Middle Devonian                                IN,KY                    S,1

Bored stromatoporoids                          ”           ”                                            IN,KY                    S,1

Catellocaulis vellata                           Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1 (in bryozoan)

Chondrites sp.                                          ”           ”                                            KY                          C,1

Fish coprolite                                        Cretaceous                                            BC                          C,2

Sanctum laurentiensis                         Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1 (in bryozoan)

Scalarituba missouriensis                  Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1 (3-Dimensional)

Unidentified 3-D tubular struct.        Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1

Various feeding traces                        Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,1 (3-Dimensional)

Various traces                                      Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,2

Various traces                                      Upper Mississippian                            KY                          C,2

TRILOBITES   / Ostracods / Crabs    Period                                           Location              Preservation

p = pygidium, t = thorax, c = cephalon,

Arctinurus occidentalis (p,c)             Middle Silurian                                   IN                            C,2

Calymene breviceps (p,t,c)                 ”         ”                                                 IN                           C,2

Chierarus dilatatus (c)                          ”         ”                                                IN                           C,2

Cryptolithus bellus                              Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1

Dakoticancer australus (crab)           Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Flexicalymene granulosa                   Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,1

Glyptambon verrucosus (p,c)            Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,2

Kaskia chesterensis  (p)                      Upper Mississippian                            IN                           C,2

Litotix armatus (p,c)                            ”                ”                                         IN                           C,2

Ostracods                                     Late Eocene or early Oligocene       Colorado                          Carb,2

Paguristes whitteni (crab)                  Upper Cretaceous                                               MS                          C,1

Phacops sp. (p,t,c)                                Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,1,2

Phillibole conkini (p,t,c)                     Middle Mississippian                          KY                          C,P,1,2

Trilobite hash: C. bellus, F. granulosa, Acidapsis, Ceraurus, Isotelus, and other fossils, Up. Ordovician, KY, C,2

WORMS                                               Period                                                  Location               Preservation

Cornulites flexuosus                           Upper Ordovician                                KY                          C,2

Cornulites proprius                              Middle Silurian                                    IN                           C,1,2

Gitonia coralophila                             Middle Devonian                                 IN                           S,1 (in horn coral)

Palaeoconchus annulatus                   Middle Mississippian                          IN,KY                    C,2

Palaeoconchus nodulatus                     ”                  ”                                        IN,KY                    C,2

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix


Bone bed fish teeth & scales             Middle Devonian                                IN                           P,2

Heliodus sp.                                          Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,2

Odontaspis sp. (shark tooth)             Miocene                                                Manoc, Portugal  Ph,1

Orododus simplex                               Middle Mississippian                          KY                          P,2

Shark teeth                                            Cretaceous                                            MS                          P,1

Shark vertebrae                                    Cretaceous                                            TX                          P,1

Turtle shell pieces                               Jurassic                                                  WY                         P,1

MISCELLANEOUS                          Period                                   Location              Preservation

Colelous tenuicinctum                       Middle Devonian                                IN                           S,C,2

Dictyonema sp. (graptolite)               Middle Silurian                                    IN                           Carb,2

Geniculograptus typicallus                Upper Ordovician                                KY                          Carb, 2

Tentaculites attentuatus                     Middle Devonian                                ONT                       C,1,2

Tentaculites richmondensis               Upper Ordovician                                IN,KY                    C,2

Tentaculites scalariformis                  Middle Devonian                                IN                           C,2

Assorted Insects                                  Eocene (Green River)                         CO                          Carb, 2

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix


Salem Limestone – Forams, Ostracods, Sponge spicules, Holothuroid sclerites, Brachiopods, Gastropods, Clams, Echinoid spines,  Bryozoans, Blastoids, Crinoid stems, Worms, etc.       Indiana                                  C,1 (shipped in zip-sealed bag)

Coon Creek marl – mollusk rich,                                     Union Co., Mississippi                        C,1 (shipped in zip-sealed bag)