This page will feature a variety of photos that I find interesting – I you do, too. All selected have stories behind them.

Family photos are often big mysteries. I am fortunate that most of my ancestors wrote on them, providing valuable historical information. I have been scanning I will post some of the most interesting from time to time.

My great grandfather’s store in Greenville, KY in 1925. The crew are family. My grandmother has the string tie in the center.
A “rare” family heirloom – a broch owned by my great-great grandmother (1800s) passed to her daughter, and her daughter (my great grandmother, whom I knew) and so on. My sister has it who will give it to her daughter keeping in the matrilineal line.
And less family members think I’m only using photos from my mother’s side of the family, this is my grandmother taken when she was about four years old (1902).

Some things come under the “just plain weird” category.

A “silt star” in a five-gallon bucket – a result of wave pressure was the moving water settled.

I’m big into humor – be it puns and word-play to funny signs.

A road sign that is better than a simple “Deer Crossing” sign.
A sticker on my car – a gift from my wife.

I’ve dabbled in a variety of art over the years.

The famous 1978 winter mural in my sisters’ bedroom. We were off school for more than two weeks. This art project was a family affair. I painted the pine trees and animals.
Trilobite soap – an Eobrontus carved in Irish Spring. I went through a soap sculpting phase back in 1989 using dental tools to carve out the trilobite. (Note the tracks on the right.)