Flowering Plants

This gallery includes native species and my favorite garden flowers. Look for information with each photo. I live in plant zone 6. I’m using the most common name although sometimes it might be the Latin name.

Threadleaf or Arkansas Bluestar blooms in April, gets about 6-feet wide, 3-feet tall and turns golden yellow in the fall.
Baptisa australis var. minor, dwarf False Indigo, is like its larger variety with beautiful flowers.
Bellwort is native plant that blooms in the spring.
Bergenia “Baby Doll” is a shade-loving semi-groundcover that blooms in March. My plants don’t flower every year.
Celandine Poppy is a native that blooms from late March until December. It spreads through “exploding” seed pods.
Clustered Bellflower (Campanula glomerata) isn’t just a beautiful flower, it’s a groundcover.
Combination of Creeping Phlox “Candy Stripe” and Grape Hyacinths – it’s a long-lived plant.
Grape hyacinths grow through a peanut shell left in the ground by a squirrel.
Korean Lilac is a small, long-lives shrub. The fragrant blooms pass all to quickly! Our plant is almost 30 years old.
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Native Larkspur grows as an understory plant near streams. It likes moist soil. It comes shades of purple to white.
Ranunculus is a colorful flower that looks like a poppy.
Solomon’s Seal is a native plant with pendulous flowers in the spring.