Miscellaneous Fossils

I’ve collected or traded for a lot of miscellaneous fossils that aren’t diverse enough to list by category. These include fossil plants, vertebrates (mostly fish bone pieces from local bone beds), worms, graptolites, and problematic fossils that may belong to other phyla but are odd examples.

Photos – See each category

Annularia galoides in an ironstone nodule from northern Illinois.

Preservation Key : C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/


PLANTS                                                  Period or Epoch                  Location                Preservation

Beckerosperma ovalicarpa (seed) Oligocene Oregon C,2

Callixylon newberryi ^ (wood)       Middle Devonian                   IN                           S,1

^ (Almost the oldest petrified wood in the world)

Cederella merrilli (seed) Oligocene Oregon C,2

Various leaves Oligocene Oregon C,2

Various leaves Eoocene Colorado C,2

Malachite-coated lycopods               Pennsylvanian                     Oklahoma                  M,2

Prismostyus sp. (Rhodophyte algae)    Upper Ordovician                   KY                          C,1

Unidentified rhodophyte algae         Middle Mississippian                   KY                          Carbonized, 2

PROBLEMATICA                                           Period                               Location                Preservation

Conularia sp.  (Cnidarid)                   Upper Mississippian                       IN                           Ph,2 (partials)

Paraconularia sp.  (Cnidarid)             Middle Mississippian                     KY                          Ph,1,2

Sphenothallus sp.  (Tube worm?)        Upper Ordovician                       KY                          Carbonized, 2

WORMS                                    Period                  Location                Preservation

Cornulites flexuosus                           Upper Ordovician                          KY                          C,2

Cornulites proprius                              Middle Silurian                             IN                           C,1,2

Gitonia coralophila                             Middle Devonian                           IN                     S,1 (in horn coral)

Palaeoconchus annulatus                   Middle Mississippian                     IN,KY                    C,2

Palaeoconchus nodulatus                     ”                  ”                               IN,KY                    C,2

Preservation: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix

VERTEBRATES                                Period                  Location                Preservation

Bone bed fish teeth & scales             Middle Devonian                              IN                        Ph,2

Goniopholis sp. (crocodile tooth) Jurassic                              Wyoming               Ph,2

Odontaspis sp. (shark tooth)             Miocene                                        Manoc, Portugal  Ph,1

Orododus simplex                               Middle Mississippian                      KY                     Ph,2

Shark teeth                                            Cretaceous                                    MS                     Ph,1

Shark vertebrae                                    Cretaceous                                    Texas                   Ph,1


Colelous tenuicinctum                       Middle Devonian                               IN                       S,C,2

Dictyonema sp. (graptolite)               Middle Silurian                                   IN                 Carbonized, 2

Geniculograptus typicallus                Upper Ordovician                               KY                Carbonized, 2

Tentaculites attentuatus                     Middle Devonian                               ONT                   C,1,2

Tentaculites richmondensis               Upper Ordovician                               IN,KY                  C,2

Tentaculites scalariformis                  Middle Devonian                                IN                        C,2

Assorted Insects                                  Eocene (Green River)                         CO                Carbonized, 2

Preservation Key: C = Calcified, Ph = Phosphatic, P = Pyritized, S = Silicified, 1= w/o, matrix, 2 = w/ matrix


Salem Limestone – Forams, Ostracods, Sponge spicules, Holothuroid sclerites, Brachiopods, Gastropods, Clams, Echinoid spines,  Bryozoans, Blastoids, Crinoid stems, Worms, etc.       Indiana                                  C,1 (shipped in zip-sealed bag)

Coon Creek marl – mollusk rich,             Union Co., Mississippi          C,1 (shipped in zip-sealed bag)