Other Calcite Locations

Calcite is one of the most common minerals in the earth’s crust – especially associated with sedimentary rocks. This page highlights locations and the U.S. and other countries with especially nice crystals.

For more detail on the localities, use the Mindat links under the photos.


Calcite with dolomite and quartz. From a small mine south of Ouray, Colorado. Collected in August, 1980. FOV about 2 cm


Calcite (iridescent) on barite, Rt. 9 (Ellis St. and Rt. 72 interchange (Rt 72 bypass),
New Britain, Hartford Co., Connecticut. FOV 3 cm. Collected by Steve Garza.

Rt 9 New Britain on Mindat

Newington, Hartford Co., CT – calcite from a former site where Wendy’s restaurant was located. Collected by Steve Garza.

Newington on Mindat


Brown (and a few white) calcite crystals coat dark gray limestone (incorrectly labeled as basalt). From a quarry in Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., Iowa.

Oskaloosa Iowa on Mindat


Calcite with chalcopyrite, Pea Ridge Iron Mine, Sullivan, Missouri

Pea Ridge Iron Mine on Mindat

Calcite and marcasite, Sweetwater mine, Reynolds Co., Missouri

Sweetwater Mine on Mindat


Red Cliff Campground in Gallatin Co., MT – now off-limits to collecting

Red Cliff on Mindat


Calcite with pyrite, Oak Hall Quarry, Centre Co., Pennsylvania

Oak Hall Quarry on Mindat

Rhode Island

Calcite with striated faces on marble, from the Conklin Quarry, Lime Rock, Lincoln Co., Rhode Island. 3 cm FOV. Collected Steve Garza.
Calcite pock in white marble, Lime Rock, Lincoln Co., Rhode Island. Collected Steve Garza.

Conklin Quarry on Mindat

South Dakota

Sand Calcite, Rattlesnake Butte, Jackson Co., South Dakota. Calcite formed in a sandy environment.

Rattlesnake Butte on Mindat


Calcite in parallel crystals, Gordonsville mine, Elmwood district, Smith Co., Tenn. Obtained in 1998.

Gordonsville Mine on Mindat

Australia (Queensland)

Calcite (~4 cm long, brownish-yellow) with quartz xl., Biggenden, Queensland, Australia.

Biggenden on Mindat

Congo (Dem. Rep.) formerly Zaire

Manganoan Calcite in scalenohedral xls with micro-malachite crystals, Katanga (formerly Shaba Prov.).

Katanga on Mindat


Egremont is long famous for chisel-shaped calcite crystals

Egremont on Mindat


Calcite in simple rhombic crystals from the Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico. 3 cm FOV.

Ojuela Mine on Mindat


Cobaltian Calcite, Bou Azzer district, Tazenakht, Ouarzazte Prov., Souss-Mass-Draâ Region, Morocco

Bou Azzer on Mindat


Manganoan Calcite (pink elongate scalenohedrons), Pachapaqui District, Bolognesi Province, Dept. of
Ancash, Peru.

Pachapaqui on Mindat


Calcite in large brown crystals, close to the Johannes orebody, Malmberget, Lappland, Sweden. Received in trade summer 2005 from Aksel Österlöf, Luleå, Sweden. Collected May 16, 2001.

Malmberget on Mindat